September 28th

Not a lot to report, real world news has been quite enough. We're also a bit sad we can't bring you a live 'performance' for Halloween this year. However, we do remain hopeful that 2021 will bring us back to you in person! Until then, stay safe and keep an eye on our updated articles here. 


June 11th

We do hope this day finds everyone well. It's been a strange time but slowly things may be getting back to a normal. And though we aren't yet ready to announce reschedules of events we are hopeful the day is not long away. On the positive side, now we have a bit more leeway in our movements we've been taking the opportunity to get out and do some field surveys. Take a look at the current Site in Focus for an idea. Or look at the strange pic below and tell us what you see. With that, we will see you all again soon. Take care and be well.


February 23rd

Here we are, mired in the darkness of the season...but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have our WWII extravaganza coming very soon and already have some potential talks lined up and at least two excavations for the upcoming season. Details on those will be released soon. In the meantime, be sure to join us for the WWII event and cast your eyes on a little article at Dig It! Scotland.

Strange Carvings...Beorgs of Housetter

Scotland's Urban Past


North Roe Neolithic Axe Factory
Esther Lecture
Mangaster Homestead
March Cairn
Tangwick Watermill
Broch of Mousa
Mousa Broch Interior
Axe Factory
Anti-Aircraft Position - Lerwick
North Roe Felsite Project
Ness of Sound
Scotland's Urban Past
Chambered Cairn, Ronas Hill
Broch of Clickimin
Archaeology Shetland Abroad
Fethaland Steatite
Burland Broch
Fulmar Chick
Scalloway Castle
Broch of Houlland
Archaeology Shetland
Boat Noost, Fethaland
Archaeology Shetland, Burwick
WWII Pillbox
Group Members/WWII Bunker
Burwick Pier
Modern Cairn
Garth's Ness LORAN station, NATO
Homestead, Jamie Cheyne's Loch
Mill Stones
Archaeology Shetland, Burwick
Roundhouse, HU 39674 40452
Viking Unst
St Mary's Church
Jarlshof in the Snow
Stanydale Temple
Ness of Sound coastal battery, WWII
Bronze Age Roundhouse
Neolithic Site, Burwick

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WWII Pillbox