December 5th

Season's Greetings all - can you believe it's nearly 2020?! Our AGM on Halloween night, complete with appropriate presentation (see here), has come and gone and we have nestled all snug in our beds until the new year. However, despite such comforts, we are already hard at work on next year's events so we'll keep in touch as we move along. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!


September 23rd

A busy end to the summer, we've helped the SCAPE Trust with the clean and record of the ramparts and ditches of Sna Broch on Fetlar and done some cleaning and recording of our own. Many of us attended the SIRFA conference that is wrapping up today where we've had the good fortune of meeting and hearing the many voices of archaeology on Shetland and are hopeful of increased attention and activity for the wonderful sites we have moving forward. Speaking of wonderful sites, we did get the chance to get out with many of them and the North Roe Felsite Project to look at the Neolithic axe factory and hear from the experts in the field. Last item, we have the AGM scheduled for Halloween night with a nicely themed presentation to follow it (see Events).

July 13th

We had a number of responses to Kevin's Mystery Stone, now in our Archives, and have updated it accordingly so have a quick look. We had a wonderful Yelluva Walk and concluded our dyke dig on July 6th and are working on getting the results in. Otherwise, we have the Axe Factory walk upcoming so if interested in that drop us a line! 

North Roe Neolithic Axe Factory

Scotland's Urban Past


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