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November 18

We hosted our AGM on Thursday evening (November 16) to cap off what has been a busy year. With high attendance at this and all events this year, we look forward to a continuation of exceptional and fun events for 2024. In our usual Halloween style for this time of the year (though a couple of weeks late), we finished the night with a short 'dark tour' of downtown Lerwick where we told a handful of tragic tales. Great night, thanks to all who attended. 

June 2nd


We completed our first clean and record of a site this season on May 13th. A structure eroding out in Sand had previously yielded pottery from the late Bronze Age/early Iron Age. Although we are still very little forward on identifying the structure, we did find additional diagnostic pottery, confirmed a large stone on the beach was at some time being worked, perhaps into a saddle quern, and identified the scant remains of an additional structure further along the beach, perhaps a noost. Coming up on June 10th we have a walk where, among other things, we will be looking at LiDAR imagery and how it compares with what we can see on the ground. 


March 29th

And so 'official' 2023 begins. We have a talk on the 30th ('Droning on about climate change: erosion and Shetland’s coastal archaeology'), a walk for members on the 8th of April (Old Scatness) and a busy, busy year ahead. Highlights will be field recording of some prehistoric structures, clean and records at a couple of high profile sites and, as ever, participation in full excavation to go along with some wonderful walks and thoughtful talks. Don't be afraid to join us if you'd like to take part in the exciting programme we have for 2023.

October 2nd

We have concluded what was a rather busy season with multiple walks, excavations, clean and records and a handful of talks. It's good to be back live with everyone! We do have our AGM upcoming (date to be determined) where we will deliver a final talk of 2022. To review some of what we have done visit our 'Site in Focus' page.

Scotland's Urban Past


North Roe Neolithic Axe Factory
Esther Lecture
Mangaster Homestead
March Cairn
Tangwick Watermill
Broch of Mousa
Mousa Broch Interior
Axe Factory
Anti-Aircraft Position - Lerwick
North Roe Felsite Project
Ness of Sound
Scotland's Urban Past
Chambered Cairn, Ronas Hill
Broch of Clickimin
Archaeology Shetland Abroad
Fethaland Steatite
Burland Broch
Fulmar Chick
Scalloway Castle
Broch of Houlland
Archaeology Shetland
Boat Noost, Fethaland
Archaeology Shetland, Burwick
WWII Pillbox
Group Members/WWII Bunker
Burwick Pier
Modern Cairn
Garth's Ness LORAN station, NATO
Homestead, Jamie Cheyne's Loch
Mill Stones
Archaeology Shetland, Burwick
Roundhouse, HU 39674 40452
Viking Unst
St Mary's Church
Jarlshof in the Snow
Stanydale Temple
Ness of Sound coastal battery, WWII
Bronze Age Roundhouse
Neolithic Site, Burwick
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