Our Events

Walk to Culswick Broch and Sotersta

July 30th, 11am

Culswick Methodist Chapel, Culswick

Join us for a trek to Culswick Broch, a possible eremitic site on Burri Stacks and a site recording at Sotersta where an older croft has been modified from a possible early Norse longhouse which is situated atop what appears to be an older, circular structure. We will use some very basic site recording skills and may do a minor clean and record to verify what is on the ground. Lasting about 4-6 hours on very moderate terrain, wear appropriate footwear and bring refreshments. Contact us here for more details.

Air Raid Islands: the Luftwaffe over Shetland During World War Two

February 3rd, 7pm

Online Event

*Recording of this talk can be found here and here*

Join us and historian/author Samuel Sjoberg as he presents Air Raid Islands: the Luftwaffe over Shetland During World War Two. Meticulously researched and presented, this talk with question and answer to follow, will flesh out this hitherto little known corner of WWII and Shetland history. If you would like to attend please contact us here for details.

Local Events

Family Gallery Tour and Craft Workshops

Wednesdays, 2-4pm

Shetland Museum

Join the museum for an exciting series of family tours and workshops uncovering the hidden stories of our collections followed by a craft session. These events are celebrating the Year of Stories 2022. Further Information can be found here.

Old Scatness Broch & Iron Age Village Tours

Fridays at 10:30am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm


Tours of Old Scatness Broch & Iron Age Village are being conducted every Friday through September 3rd. Join local archaeologists as they take you through the history of excavation and explain the architecture from different periods of Iron Age occupation. Book a tour online or at the visitor centre. More information can be found here.

The Iron Age in the Neolithic Axe Factory

Mainland Events

Metal Detecting and Treasure Trove in Scotland

July 21st, 7pm

Online Event

The Treasure Trove Unit are responsible for recording and processing finds made by detectorists all over Scotland, and Sophie Flynn
will tell you more about what they do and why. She will introduce you to what Treasure Trove is, how the system works, and what it means for new and established detectorists alike. Further Information can be found here.

Just for Laughs

The Far Side Vikings



Broch derives from the Old Norse word borg meaning fort. It is found throughout Shetland in many forms - brough, burgh, burgi - as are the many complex Atlantic roundhouses that inspired its name.

It is uncommonly confused with this. Now that is collectively and altogether scary!