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The Iron Age in the Neolithic Axe Factory at North Roe, Shetland

October 28th, 7pm

Online Event

Join us for a lively presentation and discussion of Iron Age sites in and around the periphery of the Neolithic axe factory in North Roe. Building on months of research and work in the field, the sites can be divided into what appears two distinct phases of activity. Moreover, it will be argued one site is a large standalone wheelhouse which would be the first for the north mainland and only the second identified in Shetland. Five sites are typical of Pictish building styles representing the only known in Shetland outside the context of a broch. A free event, if you would like to attend please contact us here.

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Broch derives from the Old Norse word borg meaning fort. It is found throughout Shetland in many forms - brough, burgh, burgi - as are the many complex Atlantic roundhouses that inspired its name.

It is uncommonly confused with this. Now that is collectively and altogether scary!

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Mainland Events

Brochtoberfest 2021

October 9-October 16

Kirkwall, Orkney

Presenting the 5th annual Brochtoberfest! The programme will feature daily talks and events focused on Caithness, Shetland and Orkney Iron Age, on subjects ranging from textiles to recent archaeological discoveries. All events are free, but donations are always gratefully received. For more information see here.

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