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Our Events

Channerwick Revisited

May 25th 11:00am



Join us for a Channerwick revisit, the site of Archaeology Shetland's first hands-on event back in 2015. A broch with a later roundhouse or wheelhouse inserted, we will cover the history of the site, the history of the community and how the site looks today with continued erosion. This is a public event and a good excuse for a beach day. Bring appropriate clothing and refreshments as needed. For more information on this event contact us here.

Local Events

How did the witch-hunt end? Explaining two late Shetland witchcraft cases with John Shaw

May 23rd 7:00-9:00pm

Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick


In the first quarter of the 18th century four people were accused of witchcraft on the west side of Shetland. John Shaw examines these cases and their outcome in the context of the end of the Scottish witch-hunt. For more information on this event visit here.

Ostentatious or Monumental?
The evolution of the wheelhouse in Shetland
Droning on about climate change: erosion and Shetland’s coastal archaeology 
A Little Something About Brochs

Mainland Events

Iron Age Ingenuity

Saturday May 25th - Sunday May26th

The Scottish Crannog Centre

Dalerb, Kenmore, Aberfeldy 

Experience the life, tools, and the technologies from 2,500 years ago in the Scottish Crannog Centre’s Iron Age Ingenuity event. Have a go at ancient crafts and learn more about the skills Scotland’s former residents had from creating incredible dyed textiles, to intricate ceramics and kiln firings, to the magic and mystery of the blacksmith’s forge. For more information on this event visit here.

Just for Laughs




...or Tøvakudda or Tevakudda or many other variations, is 'a part of the rocky ebb where webs of cloth were fastened to be exposed to the action of the waves as a means of fulling or thickening the cloth.' For more on the etymology, and origin of the above quote, visit here.

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