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Local Events

History of Shetland in 100 Sites

From January 25th @ 7:30pm for 10 Weeks


Join Dr Simon Clarke and UHI Shetland for a sequential look at the major societal developments from the Mesolithic (hunter gatherer society) to twentieth century conflict (World Wars I and II and the Cold War).No qualifications or previous experience of archaeology is required, but students will need a reasonable level of written English ability to successfully complete the modules’ assignments. There is a second module of 8 weekly field trips starting the 22nd of April,  Shetland’s Archaeological Monuments and Landscapes. More information on the 100 sites module can be found here and the field trips module here.

Old Scatness Broch Tour

February 1st at 10am, 12pm & 2pm

Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village

Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village lay undiscovered beneath our feet for over a millennium. Join us as we uncover the mystery, myth and legend of this world class heritage site. Tours available at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. Booking advised. More information can be found here.

The Iron Age in the Neolithic Axe Factory
A Little Something About Brochs

Mainland Events

Swandro Iron Age Site, Rousay, Orkney

February 16th at 8pm

Online Event

Join Peeblesshire Archaeological Society to hear from Dr Steve Dockrill & Dr Julie Bond from Bradford University about Swandro in Orkney, a multi-period site in danger of being washed away by the rising tide. Non-members of the Society are welcome for a small donation. Instructions on how to access Zoom will be sent out beforehand, please contact the society for more information.

Just for Laughs




Broch derives from the Old Norse word borg meaning fort. It is found throughout Shetland in many forms - brough, burgh, burgi - as are the many complex Atlantic roundhouses that inspired its name.

It is uncommonly confused with this. Now that is collectively and altogether scary!

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