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The Catalogue

So it has come to this...

With a few requests for our branded products in hand we decided it was time to meet that demand and satisfy some of your other unspoken needs so here it is, the result of our hard work and your neediness—The Catalogue.

Let it be known that each item was carefully chosen to seduce you into giving freely. We have no shame.

In truth, each item is marked up by an average of £2 from cost. It is a way to help us continue to raise funds for equipment purchases, insurance, operating expenses, etc. As a nonprofit community group, every penny is a huge help.


If there is an item you would like to see branded then please let us know as we have access to thousands of options from local vendors. Any shipping costs will be extra. We will update the prices and product offering as needed or requested.

If you wish to become an active member of Archaeology Shetland and accrue all the benefits thereof then wander along to the website, stop us in the street or barge into our places of employ as we are always eager to bring new people on board.

You can be that people, we believe in you.

The Archaeology Shetland Team

The Hats
Archaeology Shetland Classic Beanie

The Classic Beanie. Worn about town, in the trenches and to bed by the young, urban hipster. You can’t go wrong with its all natural 100% synthetic polyester/acrylic blend. It even comes with a flag on the back!

All this for £10

Available in heather grey (shown),
antique grey or white.

The Cuffed Beanie. Now we’re talking ear warmth. For those cold, foggy digs on the side of Ronas Hill nothing beats the classic synthetic
blend your grandpappy wore. Available in the same colours as above but this one has the wee broch logo on the back—neat.

Added ear protection for just £11

Archaeology Shetland Baseball Cap

The Baseball Cap. Because you never know when the need to play baseball overcomes you while you’re on a site (like, never!) we present the Stretch-Fit cap. In whatever way your head matches your ego we can cover it with the S/M or L/XL choice.

A lucky £13

Available in white or graphite (shown).

This really is Indiana Jones' Hat - but we don't sell it.

Archaeology Shetland Cuffed Beanie

Sea Monsters are not real.

The Shirts
Archaeology Shetland T-Shirt

The T-Shirt. What can we say about this heavy 100% cotton t-shirt? Nothing. It’s a classic. Throw on some dirty, old jeans and the ensemble is complete. Can you wear it around town? You betcha. Can you strut around the house in it? Yup. Can you wear it to a formal dinner party? Nope. But it looks great when you’re holding a ranging pole and in the end, isn’t that all we can hope for in
this life?

Classic comfort for a mere £17

Available in S to XL in white (shown), dark heather and ash.

The Wicking* T-Shirt. This long sleeved 100% polyester beauty with 30+ UV protection just throws the sweat off in those hot, desert conditions of a Shetland summer. Fresh as a daisy, never again toil in your own filth.

Can’t go wrong for just £16

Available from S to XXL in White (shown), Charcoal or Royal Blue.

*Not to be confused with the Wiccan t-shirt, also available in charcoal, but tends to hold heat.

The Picts were real.

Archaeology Shetland Wicking T-Shirt
The Hoodie
Archaeology Shetland Hoodie

The College Hoodie. Remember that time you thought to rob the chippy to pay off your university fees but lost the nerve when you discovered you had no hoodie? We have answered your need. This cotton/polyester blend with front pouch even sports a hidden opening for an earphone cord. And don’t worry about us with the Archaeology Shetland logo so handsomely stitched on the upper left, any publicity is good publicity in our books.

You can menacingly hang around any dark street corner for £22—it practically pays for itself!

Available from XS to 5XL in royal blue (shown), white or heather.

It's so great we had to show it twice.

Archaeology Shetland Hoodie
For Safety's Sake
Archaeology Shetland Hi-Vis Vest

The Hi-Vis Waistcoat. Our 100% polyester hi-vis vest with reflective strip conforms to some safety regulation or other. More importantly, you can be seen! So whether in a trench, directing traffic or in need of having your carcass retrieved from the base of a cliff no one will fail to spot you. We’d like to say you’d look fab in it but who are we kidding?

Get noticed for £14

Available in M, L & XL.

Remember, this is Shetland and it generally has to fit over your outlandish base clothing so size accordingly.

Archaeology Shetland Reflective Dog Vest

The Reflective Dog Vest. Never forget your best friend, and we mean never. Don’t make us come over there in our hoodie—we’re
archaeologists, you know we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Just as safe as you for £15

Available from XS to L.

The Bag
Archaeology Shetland Bag

Sublimation Digital Reporter Bag. We’re not even sure what this means! But it will
make you sound and look smart when you’re sporting one and having to explain. Tablet
compatible, this polyester bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and internal pockets all secured with a Velcro enclosure.
We suspect there might even be a secret place in there to hide your clandestine recording efforts.

Look and sound smart for £20

Dimensions are 23 x 27 x 6 cm

Did you know no one knows who invented the trowel or when? Life's mysteries abound.

Did you know these Iron Age coins were unearthed using a trowel no one knows who invented or when? 

To order the products from this catalogue please contact us here on our website either through the Join button at the top or the Contact button on the Home page. We can take cash, cheque, debit or credit cards. In the case of debit and credit cards please leave us a number where you can be reached. All products are guaranteed for 30 days and a full refund is available if not completely satisfied. Processing is generally 2-3 weeks. Shipping times naturally vary by location and we will alert to cost prior to shipping.

The Archaeology Shetland Team

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