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Archaeology Shetland Tours

Whether on a multi-day excursion, an afternoon from a cruise ship or simply looking for a day out of your itinerary to learn more about our remarkable archaeology and history, Archaeology Shetland can offer that extra expertise to ensure your trip will be fulfilling and memorable long after you wave goodbye.



With our accomplished experts in archaeology, history and a range of other disciplines, we work with you to craft bespoke tours based on your interests. Whether you are excited about a particular type of monument, period, geographic area or a general melange, we have accomplished guides ready to share all they know in their field of expertise. The unparalleled views and natural heritage of Shetland are just part of the package.


We currently offer bespoke tours in 

  • All periods of archaeology, from the Neolithic to the present day

  • Brochs

  • Late Iron Age/Pict sites

  • WWI & WWII history

  • Maritime history

  • Viking/early Norse/Medieval history

  • Lerwick 'Dark Tour'

  • Geology

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