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March 14th

Staney Hill WWII Defence Line Walk & Luncheon

Staney Hill Hall, Lerwick, 10am-3pm

The day will begin at 10am with a walk along the defences on Staney Hill exploring features at each critical point whilst we learn the overall strategy of the Lerwick defence with the panoramic views of the wider landscape (starting point to be determined), binoculars suggested. This will be followed at 12:30pm with a luncheon at Staney Hill Hall featuring period garb and ration recipes from WWII. This is open to the public and though the walk is free there will be a modest charge for the luncheon. For more information on this please contact us.

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Fealy Dyke

Also known as a feely or feelie dyke from the Shetland word feal (turf), it is an earthen wall designed to separate the crofts from the common grazing areas. They are found extensively throughout Shetland.

But did you know that Fealy is also a surname, though only 1,110 people in the world share it? The most famous may have been Maude Fealy.

A bit of Archaeology Shetland fun!

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Early Archaeologists - Larson

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