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The Lost Township of Broo: Climate Change or Human Agency in a Coastal Sand Disaster?

October 30th, 4-5pm via Webex

Join Gerry Bigelow, Associate Professor in History at Bates College, Maine and Visiting Reader with UHI Archaeology Institute, to discuss findings from the Broo research that contribute to understanding this multi-regional environmental and historical phenomenon. In addition, the presentation will outline some of the challenges and opportunities that are involved in archaeologies of extreme events and buried landscapes.

Free of charge, the presentation via Webex can be joined here.


Fealy Dyke

Also known as a feely or feelie dyke from the Shetland word feal (turf), it is an earthen wall designed to separate the crofts from the common grazing areas. They are found extensively throughout Shetland.

But did you know that Fealy is also a surname, though only 1,110 people in the world share it? The most famous may have been Maude Fealy.

A bit of Archaeology Shetland fun!

Mainland Events

Graffiti, Archaeology and Recognising Hidden Voices

October 28th, 7-8pm Online Event

Join Dr Alex Hale from Historic Environment Scotland for an illustrated talk will focus on graffiti. It is clear to see and through archaeology can be explored and its meanings considered but the hand holding the data card isn’t usually considered. The talk will explore how we undertake archaeology in the present and how our practices and interpretations are affected by a whole series of hidden systems that we rarely think about.

Free of charge, more information here.

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